Benefits of kegels

Kegels don’t just benefit women – check out all these effects on men!

Stronger erections Kegels increase your capacity to have longer and harder erections, giving your woman more pleasure as well. Research has shown that kegels could even help restore erectile function in men with erectile dysfunction.
Stronger orgasms Kegels increase sexual pleasure, as they improve the flow of blood and thus sensitivity to the genital area.
Last longer in bed Helps out premature ejaculation problems by having more muscular control of the pelvis
Increased angle of erection For example, one man declared that his penis use to point towards the ground once erect, however active kegeling has helped his penis point straight out.
Increased ejaculation volume Also increases shooting distance of ejaculation – Peter North, the furthest long-distance shooter within the porn business, kegeled religiously.
Increased bladder control Several men report that once they started kegeling, they were able to hold their pee throughout the night until morning.
Penile health The increase in blood flow to the penis helps build a healthier prostate and keep all your sexual organs running smoothly.

These benefits sound too good to be true, but there’s proof that kegels work.

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