Benefits of kegels

Kegels don’t just benefit women – check out all these effects on men!

Stronger erections Kegels increase your capacity to have longer and harder erections, giving your woman more pleasure as well. Research has shown that kegels could even help restore erectile function in men with erectile dysfunction.
Stronger orgasms Kegels increase sexual pleasure, as they improve the flow of blood and thus sensitivity to the genital area.
Last longer in bed Helps out premature ejaculation problems by having more muscular control of the pelvis
Increased angle of erection For example, one man declared that his penis use to point towards the ground once erect, however active kegeling has helped his penis point straight out.
Increased ejaculation volume Also increases shooting distance of ejaculation – Peter North, the furthest long-distance shooter within the porn business, kegeled religiously.
Increased bladder control Several men report that once they started kegeling, they were able to hold their pee throughout the night until morning.
Penile health The increase in blood flow to the penis helps build a healthier prostate and keep all your sexual organs running smoothly.

These benefits sound too good to be true, but there’s proof that kegels work.

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  1. I’m doing penis exercises regularly ..I’m noticing the results but along with it my penis is pointing down ward even when erect …
    Is that a problem I can rectify?

  2. I’ve started a program in August and I can assure that these exercises are fundamental to all men !!! It’s amazing how easy and naturally you can benefict from them. They really improve your performance without any drugs or weird stuff in your system. Along with a nice app that reminds me, counts and keeps track of my daily routines I just gained a brand new life. Kegel rules !!!

      • Kegel Camp by sex with Emily. It starts on level 1 which starts off as light exercises and after doing that level 10 times it moves you to the next level, all the way to level 20. The holds get gradually longer the higher the level.

  3. I’ve been doing Kegals for a while now. The primary reason is to last longer in bed. Before used to only last around 10 mins before releasing, but now I can last anywhere between 30 mins and up to an hour.

  4. So how exactly do the kegels help with PE ? Does it automatically make you last longer, or do you have to do something when you’re close to climaxing ? Like contract the muscle or the such ? I’ve suffered from severe PE all my life, lasting only a couple minutes. Do these really help me ?


  5. John, it was explained to me that strengthening you kegel is a way to have better control over it. In overcoming PE, you do not want to contract the muscle, but you want to relax it before and during the sexual experience. The more relax you keep the muscle the slower you will build an orgasm.

  6. I have been doing kegels for 2 months, I am stunned from the results. Been taking Viagra, gas station pills, and the whole time a natural solution was out there. I can’t believe it! Dick stays hard, got bigger and plump like a polish sausage. Unbelievable!! No piss running down my leg after using the restroom. Its almost feel like I can get my Dick hard at will. Fuck the enhancement pills fellas. I’m doing kegels forever.

    • DMORE,i saw ur comment regarding succes with kegel exercise,cud u plz help me with to know how weak was ur erection and how long did it take to heal yourself

  7. I have been doing the kegels for about a week now, so obviously I habent seen any of the major bennifits yet. One thing I have noticed though, My penis has been hanging more. Im a grower not a shower, but for the last few days instead of pulling in or “turtleing” it has been hanging freely. Is this something anyone else has experianced? I ask because I havent seen any comments or questions on this. Thanks guys!

  8. I love a man that knows how to “flex”! If both you and your partner know how to do this, you can take turns flexing (after full penetration) while otherwise staying completely still. It’s an incredible feeling! She will feel you expand and she can squeeze you in return. Bliss!

  9. hi there
    i have penile sensitivity issue, one reason is i was mastrubating more for a longer [period of time and second my p[posture the way i was sitting causing transient and frequent numbness in my penis that recovers immediately but now i have sensitivity issue and up on intercourse i dont feel my penis but do get erections but skin sensitivity is makedly less. i feel that my penile nerve is compromised , therefore i need some exercises to regain sensitivity, thanks

  10. Kegel exercises were traditionally recommended to women as a way of preventing urinary incontinence following childbirth. These exercises are helpful for both sexes.