Kegel exercise routine

Like getting other parts of your body in shape, you must also have an exercise routine with your PC muscle. Kegel benefits only last while you keep up your exercise program – once you stop you’ll start to see the results diminish. Try to do this routine every day.

Kegel routine for men

Set 1: Warm up!
Contract for 3 seconds, relax for 3 seconds. Repeat 4 times.
Rest for 10 seconds until set 2.

Set 2: Burst mode!
Contract for 1 second, relax for 1 seconds. Repeat 10 times.
Rest for 10 seconds until set 3.

Set 3: Endurance!
Contract for 8 seconds, relax for 4 seconds. Repeat 4 times.
You’re done!

That whole thing took 112 seconds – under 2 minutes! Try to do these every day. Since they take such a short time you’ll be able to fit it in, you just need to be reminded. Come up with a way to remind you to do them, such as every time you go to the bathroom ask if you’ve done your kegels yet.

If you’re having a hard time remembering these, I recommend Kegel Camp by Sex with Emily. It’s a smart phone app that walks you through the steps and reminds you to do your kegels. There’s also an android app I’m aware of called “Daily Workout – Kegel Muscle.” Check them out!

What if I can’t do it?

Don’t worry if you can’t hold your PC muscle for more than a second at first – it will take time to strengthen! Just do the best you can, and then day after day you’ll notice your ability increasing.

If you can’t do it every day, just aim for 5 days a week. Doing it less than that will not provide you any benefit.

What if it’s too easy?

Well now you’re showing off! Awesome – if you’re able to complete the routine above with no sweat then congratulations. Some people like to increase reps or hold times, although you may experience diminishing returns. I’d recommend just sticking to the routine above – if its easy then you won’t hate doing them!

Good luck, let me know how you feel after a few weeks of kegeling!

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  1. I have troubling holding longer than a second, but can do about 100 kegel squeezes at a time. I try to do it 3 times per day. Will this help me to eventually be able to hold it longer than a second?

    • Hi Raihan – I’d recommend doing at least daily, but no more than 2 times a day. Keep in mind you’re exercising a muscle, and that muscle needs time to repair itself. Hope that helps!

  2. Hey….
    I’m just a beginner to this and im doing 100reps a day with a 1s hold and these are spread out throughout the day with 20reps each time 5 times a day that makes 100 per day. I just afraid that my muscle doesn’t get injured… but I’m definitely getting results in just 4 days time.

  3. Hi, had a prostatectomy in February this year. Leading up to the op I was doing kegel reps – holding 60 seconds (1 min) let go 2 sec repeat 10 to 15 times. The op was successful, I am continent today which is great however if I do any kegel exercises now I find that I have leakage throughout the day. I’d also like to know if kegel exercises help with ED. At the time I was told that my pelvic floor muscels were in great shape.

  4. Hi – In the first 2 weeks when I started kegeling I saw improvement in my self: I had harder erections but this is the 3rd week and I’m not getting any harder. What’s the problem?

    • Hi David – Keep with it! Like with any exercise routine sometimes you hit a wall, but keep going and you’ll pass through it and continue to get better. Congrats on your success thus far!

  5. What about reverse keegels? I’ve read a few places that it’s unwise to just just kegels, since it would be like training only the biceps and not the triceps. Causes imbalance.

  6. Sorry – I was wrong about the details of reverse keegle. What I mean is: Isn’t doing ONLY keegles like working your biceps but never stretching it?

      • I think that what kakemonster means is that you can squeeze your pc muscle to urinate with more pressure and flow (reverse kegels) just like you can squeeze it to stop urinating.

  7. Guys, what helped me was doing them in the following way…

    Contracting then releasing immediately for a minute then waiting 30 seconds & repeating it 3 times. Then wait 3 minutes then hold for 5 seconds thereafter relaxing for 2 seconds. Repeat cycle for 3 minutes. Wait another 3 minutes & hold for 1 minute relaxing for 30 seconds….repeat 3 times. Start once a day & work up to 5 times a day.

  8. Are these scientifically proven to work? And how long should it take? PE makes me anxious so not sure whether that is the reason as i did kegels and it worked but now i get the same problem after not doing them even tho last time I stopped yet it was alright

  9. Hey Shane!
    You are doing a really awesome job!!! I am the one who is suffering a lot with PE.i have tried so many ways to get rid. but no result! i am so depressed! after finding your blog i got some hopes again! i am facing PE in very severe condition, i ejaculate in just 10 second…! kindly suggest me the suitable Kegels practice…and usually in how many weeks enough to stop PE completely? Thanks very much Dude!!

  10. It is really an amazing thing…Kegel. I have started doing this 2 weeks back and I am getting a strong erection, feel the touch and great pleasure. Now i have the confidence I can give what my girlfriend wants…

  11. Hey, I’ve seen lots of Kegel routines out there on internet, so how can I know which one is the most effective ? Or all of them are good ?
    Anyway, you’re doing a great work man, I really appreciate it.

  12. Shane

    thanks for this great site!

    1. Should one avoid doing Kegels a short time before/after sex or masturbation?
    2. I want to increase the routine. Is it better to a) do more repetitions in the same sets b) increase the amount of clunch seconds or c) just repeat the original sets a few more times spread out over the day?
    3. As I read and found out, doing kegels while standing is toughest. Should i aim for good results while standing and practice most while standing or is it better to alternate?
    4. If you are willing to answer: what is your routine today, as a (I suppose) experienced kegel-er?

    • 1) Sure, think of it as any other exercise. Would you workout your legs a few hours before a track meet?
      2) Try using the app: Kegel Camp – it will give you many workouts
      3) Try all positions
      4) This is my routine πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Shane I do alot of kegels and can contract and hold upto 5 mins. My question is do I need to rest the muscle on a regular basis? I am on my 5th week now and started really blasting my pc for abt 2 weeks. Not sure how to take a day off. Thank you for your help.

    • Like all muscles, the PC muscle needs rest too. If you’re been working it hard consistently, give it a break – you wouldn’t hit the gym exercising your legs every day, would you? Treat it like a gym workout

  14. Hi im an athlete (track and field) and im running 100-200 events
    I have the same problem like every one came here for
    I train 6 days a week in track. And i saw this work out kegel and i wanna try it out. Will it work?
    Does the training i do in track will affect (bad)
    on kegels work out?

  15. this is the most important and beneficial free “med” anyone can get. I cant even begin to tell you that my symptoms are 100% gone not to mention the surprising enormous sexual benefits! I feel 21 sexually and I am 50! πŸ™‚

  16. I have serious PE problem and tru to get help i strated Kegal excercises since its my 1st week how i can cross check that i m on right track? or do i need to wait more for results

  17. Hay, so Im doing kegel for a while and I think that Im improving. So, how do I know that I reach to a strong PC muscle? And then how to keep that shape?

  18. I’ve been doing Kegel from past two weeks after reading from this website and I’m so glad to say that it really works. I’ve seen the result in 15 days only tbh!!!! My erections are long lasting and really strong. Thanks to you!!!

  19. Hi, I understand their 3 ways to tighten up your pc muscle (holding your anus in)(stopping the flow of your urine)and(lifting your penis upward back and forth. But alot of people say use the (stop the flow of your urine method.) but me I like to lift my penis up back and forth like a real exercise. My question is instead of doing (stopping the urine method) can I just lift my penis up and down while on erect and still get the same results as doing the stopping the urine method because I don’t like that trainning

  20. Shane i wanted to know if this kegel’s exercise will work or have positive impact on a young guy on his early 20’s?

  21. I have a bad case of PE, when I have sex (first time) i can hold just for seconds, sometimes min or more. But after 15 min or more waiting i can hold for 15 min or more. Will this exercise help me with the problem? Cause i think few seconds for first round of sex is very severe.

  22. I get PE, but my piece gets so stiff and hard that I am worried if doing kegels will give me a more intense erection and make it explode. Should I be worried about this?

  23. Doing kegel procedure while the erection of penis or without erecction. Pls advice me of this?

  24. Shane help me do kegel exercise in video I’m much understand a person doing so I can learn easy ok I can have trouble understand words ok help me. So I can starte do exercise please?

  25. I do this all day sometimes, but i notice in sex, it is hard form me to orgasm, I facr last night me and my wife were at if for about 2 hours non stop she orgasm twice I didnt at all. Should I be conservative and stop the exercise for a while or continue my pace.

  26. Ron….dude…you gotta be doing something wrong if your wife only orgasmed twice in a two hour romp. If you can hold out two hours without an orgasm your wife should be having at least 12 orgasms. I can hold out as long as I want as long as my thrust frequency stays below my point of no return threshold. By doing that I can make my wife ograsm at will or she can ride me as long as she wants. But after an hour of nearly nonstop orgasms she’s ready for me to cum. Somet evenings we’ll stop, eat dinner,watch a movie and pick up where we left off. More orgasms for her- all good for me and then I cum. Remember the woman cums first – always!

  27. If you overdid them, and seeing no results what is the best place to go back to to start seeing results, and is it possible to injure this muscle and how would you know. I’m almost 48 and haven’t seen the results of these. Please help; need it more than ever.


  28. Let me also suggest myKegel App, it’s much more feature-rich than Kegel Camp, and works really well for me. Really worth the couple bucks the developer is asking for it.

  29. Many penile health issues including erections are caused by underlying health issues, such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. So, if your penis is apparently acting abnormally, then it’s time to consult with your doctor.

  30. I try doing kegels and can’t feel my pc muscle at all? do I keep doing them and in time I’ll feel it. also what is the right routine for a beginner all the to advance