What are kegels?

Kegels are an exercise that has been proven to have many overall sexual benefits. Doing them regularly can drastically improve your sex life. The exercise consists of repeatedly contracting and relaxing your PC muscle (pubococcygeus) for a couple minutes. That’s it!

Is it a workout?

You are technically working out a muscle, but I wouldn’t call it a workout. It’s a quick exercise that can be done in 2-3 minutes, wherever you are. You don’t need a gym or any exercise equipment. You won’t be getting sweaty and don’t have to change clothes. But like working all muscles, as you do it regularly you will notice your strength and stamina increase.

How are they different for men?

Kegel exercises apply to both men and women. There are slight differences (sometimes women use tools), but for the most part both sexes are exercising the same muscle in order to better their sexual health. Women will see benefits in vaginal tightness and better orgasms. Men will see benefits in stronger erections and lasting longer during sex.

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